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Enda Cavanagh Photography

Enda Cavanagh is a Dublin based architectural and landscape photographer. He grew up in rural Ireland and has always felt a strong connection to the land. He is drawn to the rugged beauty of Ireland and discovers a great sense of peace in our environment. He seeks to reflect the inherent drama and melancholy of the Irish landscape in his photographs. Enda regularly finds himself shooting landscapes that show evidence of manís existence and his impact on the land. Many of his images also feature manmade objects that, over time, have themselves become part of the landscape. Endaís work captures the character of the land and communicates the subtle patterns, shapes and forms which exist in our landscape. Enda appreciates how essential the presence of man is to our understanding of our environment and seeks to capture the tension implicit in the emergence of beauty from the detritus of our existence. He challenges our comprehension of beauty by asking us at what point does age become attractive. Enda helps us to perceive the dynamic nature of the country we inhabit and casts a cold, challenging eye upon the traditional interpretations of the Irish Landscape. Enda has worked for 15 years in architecture, including award winning projects both in Berlin and here, in Ireland. His long experience in architecture and his deep knowledge of photography allows him to quickly realise the vision of his clientís creative teams. Having worked within the industry, Enda is adept at collaborating with designers and architects. This understanding of the design process is a great aid in facilitating the clear identification of the projectís aims and ensures an accurate actualisation of these project goals. His vision of the Irish Landscape allows Enda to draw dramatic parallels between the subjects of his work and their surroundings. Endaís Landscape work emphasises the dynamic and transitive nature of our relationship with our environment. This allows Enda a unique vantage point from which he can portray the connections between our constructions and the contours which give them context His work can be found at

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